Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Stop Payment Processing in DOP Finacle

Stop payments can be marked as per customer’s request through the menu option HSPP. Stop Payment instructions for a cheque(s) can be entered only if Issue of concerned chequebook has been acknowledged by customer and is duly entered in the system. Therefore, it is necessary that cheque book should be in acknowledged status before any stop payment instructions are entered in the system. The process of HSPP is given below
Menu Shortcut - HSPP
The following screen will be appeared 
Fuction - S-Stop Pay
A/c ID - ____________
Begin Chq No. - _______
No. Of Leaves - ________
The following screen will be appeared 
Cheque Date - ___________
Reason Code - ___________
Verify the Account in HSPPAU Menu in supervisor 
You can also print the report of Cheque stop payment. Select Function Code as print and fill the account no. The report will be print in HPR.